Meridiana Transfer de bani S.R.L. is the first payment institution with fully Romanian capital authorised by the National Bank of Romania to provide payment services according to GEO no 113/2009 and according to the Directive 2007/64/EC.

Our institution is part of the Atlassib Holding and performs payment activity since 2008.

Our services are strictly intended for natural persons and are provided exclusively by our partners and collaborators, through a continuously developing network.

We offer our customers two payment services:

1. Money transfer in cash in any location from Romania or from abroad:

  • You don’t need a bank account to send or receive money.
  • The transferred amount is paid in cash and is received in cash.
  • The money is available to the recipient in a few minutes from the sending moment, according to the availability of the destination location.
  • We guarantee the security of our services: the payment of the transaction is made only in the presence of the beneficiary, based on a valid identity card and on the unique transfer code.

2. Money transfer from any location into a bank account opened at a bank institution from Romania.

  • Valid for the recipients having a bank account opened at a bank institution in Romania.
  • The money can be transferred in a Lei account at an advantageous exchange rate.
  • The payments are processed in 1-3 working days, according to the bank institution where the beneficiary’s account is opened.
  • The recipient benefits from the comfort of receiving the money in his own bank account and of accessing them any time.

Our partners